What is DS?

• DS stands for medicine Dispensing Separation.

• DS refers to a Separation of Professional Roles of Medical Doctors and Pharmacists. Pharmacists will audit and dispense all the prescriptions written by Doctors according to their University training and studies. Pharmacists will contact doctors if there is deficiency, incompatibility or drug interactions in any prescription. This is done in 100 other nations to improve patient medication safety.

 • DS is absolutely necessary because only pharmacists are Formally Trained in university to dispense medicines. It is a fact that all medical doctors self-taught themselves in dispensing on the day when they set up their private clinics. Doctors never learn to dispense any medicine while undergoing 3 years ofCompulsory services in Government hospitals or clinics.

• Professional Roles of doctors are to diagnose the diseases and then write a suitable Prescription to treat the condition. They are trained as Clinicians.

• Pharmacists are trained to manufacture, formulate, dispense and counsel patients on all medicines as they study in university every aspects of drugs molecules and their mechanisms of action.

• DS implementation is meant to bring Greater Benefit to all the patients as Malaysia has suffient number of doctors and pharmacists.

• The CORE-VALUES in DS are Teamwork and Professionalism. These are  universal values recognized and actively promoted by World Health Organization.Every Malaysians deserves this DS Service